Apple rolls out iOS 9.2 Public Beta 2 with bug fixes

By Souvik Das | Updated 5 Nov 2015
Apple rolls out iOS 9.2 Public Beta 2 with bug fixes
  • The new update has security patches, and also added a functional update to Safari, where you can now dismiss pages with a swipe

Apple has rolled out the Public Beta 2 of iOS 9.2. The update has been rolling out since yesterday, and all participants in Apple iOS Beta program has possibly received the update notification by now. In the new update, Apple has included a number of bug fixes, including fixes to iCloud Keychain and the Apple Watch app, alongside providing the ability of dismissing open pages on Safari by swiping them to the left.


Apple began the iOS 9 Beta program for the first time with iOS 9, giving people who registered for the program a preview into the updated versions of the OS before it is rolled out to the public. The Public Beta programs are being constantly updated by Apple, features incremental bug fixes and fine tunings that refine the operating system more. With the first Beta release of iOS 9, the OS had more bugs and imperfections than iOS was ever publicly seen before.

Apple has been moving its iOS 9 Beta program quite fast, moving into iOS 9.1’s Beta program with iOS 9’s public launch. Since its first launch, Apple has improved Spotlight search, graphic detailing, Search bar misplacements, and a number of other bugs that had considerably slowed down processes. iOS 9 has also seen a security flaw that gave a detour for users to gain unauthorised access to Photos and Contacts. The flaw has been covered, since then.

New features added to iOS 9 include a number of functional improvements, App Thinning, Apple Music, photo filmstrip, six-digit Passcode, a revamped version of Notes in which you can scribble and format Headings and Body Text. While the iOS 9.2 Public Beta 2 is a small incremental update, its major improvement lies in adding swipe dismiss within Safari, and making iCloud Keychain more secure. Nevertheless, looking at the pace of Beta updates, a new update might possibly be pushed through, within the next fortnight.


iOS 9.2 Public Beta 2 – The update is considerably large, at 1.3GB

iOS 9.2 Public Beta 2 – Dismiss pages on Safari with a swipe

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