SteelSeries Launches New Mechanical Keyboard

By Abhinav Lal | Updated 4 Mar 2010
SteelSeries Launches New Mechanical Keyboard

Eschewing a digital-membrane interface, the new SteelSeries keyboard is a truly old-school input device that is meant for gamers who want a different level of sensitivity, along with other gamer-friendly features. Called the 6Gv2, it has been modelled after the multi-award winning SteelSeries 7G, featuring 18-karat gold-plated mechanical switches that ensure quicker reaction times.

The 6Gv2 also supports advanced key combinations and has a powerful buffer that lets users have complete-keyboard simultaneous key press ability, known as ‘anti-ghosting’ – a truly useful gaming feature if used properly, where for example you can move, aim, crouch and fire, all simultaneously. This functionality is a unique feature of the SteelSeries G line.
Potential customers need not worry about wear-and-tear; the 6Gv2 is a mechanical keyboard that will give you a product lifetime 10 times that of conventional membrane keyboards, with a switch lifetime of 50 million operations. The 6Gv2, available for pre-order at $99.99, half the price of big-brother 7G, which offers additional features such as audio ports for headphone-in and microphone-out, two USB ports and a removable plastic wrist-rest. You might want to shell out the dough to buy the 7G, if only for the convenience of these ports. Get all the details here.
Abhinav Lal

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