Portronics introduces new portable device 'Electropen' in India

By Kul Bhushan | Updated 10 Sept 2012
Portronics introduces new portable device 'Electropen' in India

Portronics has introduced a new portable device called Electropen. The new device captures users' handwritten notes into its memory, converts them to editable text and transfers them to a PC. Portronics says its Electropen can used to write on any ordinary/normal paper. Moreover, refill used in the pen is also a normal refill. The Portronics Electropen is priced at Rs. 7,999 and is available across the country.

says the main highlight of the pen is that it can be used as a transmitter and the clip as a receiver. The Pen works in two modes, online and offline.

The Offline mode works where the user is just carrying a pen and the clip attached to a notebook, a diary or just a stack of papers. According to Portronics, the offline mode is useful for taking quiet notes. Moreover, all the notes are captured in the clip's memory and can be sent to a PC.

The Online mode works with the Receiver or Clip being attached to the computer while the user takes notes. It covers several options like the drawing or tracing mode. Anything you draw on paper is transferred to the computer screen in real time. Another option with online working is the teaching mode where the laptops are connected to the projector and one can simply write on a normal paper, which can be seen real time on the projector screen by others. There is also a signature capture mode, through which users can have the digitalised signatures.

Other features:

  • Technology:  Ultrasound and infrared
  • Ink refill:  Standard refill (67mm long x 2,35mm diameter)
  • Receiver:  Rechargeable battery (about 8 hours of continuous writing)
  • Pen battery: About 30 hours of continuous writing
  • Coverage area:  A4/letter size
  • Storage capacity: A4/letter size documents


Kul Bhushan

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