NVIDIA announces its GeForce GTX 700M lineup of mobile GPUs

By Nimish Sawant | Updated 1 Feb 2018
NVIDIA announces its GeForce GTX 700M lineup of mobile GPUs
  • The upcoming Intel Haswell based gaming notebooks will be sporting the newest Kepler-architecture sporting GTX 700M series of mobile GPUs.

NVIDIA announced its flagship mobile graphics processor - the GTX 780M alongwith the lineup of the GTX 700M series of enthusiast notebook GPUs such as GTX 770M, GTX 765M and GTX 760M.


Barring the entry level GeForce 710M and GeForce GT 720M which are based on the Fermi architecture, the rest of the GTX 700M series lineup is based on Kepler architecture.

All the GTX 700M GPUs are based on the 28nm process.

NVIDIA announced that these new lineup of mobile GPUs will be seen on the upcoming Intel Haswell processor sporting gaming notebooks and ultrabooks.

The NVIDIA GeForce 700M lineup will include the following GPUs:
Mainstream: GeForce 710M
Performance: GeForce GT 720M, GeForce GT 730M, GeForce GT 735M, GeForce GT 740M, GeForce GT 745M, GeForce GT 750M
Enthusiast: GeForce GTX 760M, GeForce GTX 765M, GeForce GTX 770M, GeForce GTX 780M


The new GTX 700M series supports some of the features we had seen with older Kepler cards such as GPU Boost 2.0, adaptive V-Sync, 3D Vision, PhysX, FXAA, TXAA, 3DTV Play ,SLI and so on. NVIDIA Optimus which allows your system to switch between on-board graphics and dedicated NVIDIA GPU based on the workloads will also be seen with the GTX 700M series. The GPUs also support the GeForce Experience utility which comes with an in-built game optimisation options for those of you who are too lazy to tweak the settings on your own. According to NVIDIA representative at the event, NVIDIA has most of the popular games covered and will keep on adding more games. One thing missing was the Shadow Play feature (which was introduced on the desktop GTX 700 series cards. It allows you to record 20 minutes of gameplay thanks to an on-board H.264 encoder)

Nimish Sawant

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