Now, third party devices can use Razer Chroma lighting

By Arnab Mukherjee | Updated 6 Jun 2018
Now, third party devices can use Razer Chroma lighting
  • Through partnerships with third parties, Razer’s gaming devices lighting ecosystem will be expanding beyond Razer devices

Gaming hardware manufacturing company Razer has announced the availability of its lighting technology Razer Chroma to third parties. Through established partnerships, third parties will be able to connect their devices to the Chroma ecosystem, allowing a more synchronised lighting experience. Razer Chroma features native integration with popular games such as Overwatch and Fortnite and now the same will be available to third parties partnered with their lighting ecosystem.


Also available will be Chroma’s integration with Philips Hue smart lights, which will enable consumers to synchronise the lighting profiles in their Hue enabled rooms with the profile that their PC components are working on.

Partners on board are with the Razer Chroma Connected Devices Program are MSI, NZXT, AMD, Thermaltake, Lian Li, Vertagear, Gigabyte, and Ducky. They will be able to tap into Razer’s lighting protocol through an API that lets them enable Chroma lighting through their software platforms. So, even if gamers and consumers own devices from these eight partner brands, they will be able to regulate the lighting from one interface to create a synchronised lighting profile for their gaming systems.

“Gamers today own multiple RGB lighting-enabled devices, but they can’t enjoy a truly immersive experience because these devices don’t talk to each other,” said Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan. “For the first time ever, we’re letting our partners tap into the Chroma ecosystem so we can bridge that gap for the benefit of all gamers.”


The first third-party products with Razer Chroma support will launch in Q4 2018. For more information about the Chroma Connected Devices Program, visit Razer at Computex 2018, Booth L0003.

Arnab Mukherjee

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