LG announces full-size rollable keyboard, Rolly

By Ajit Singh | Updated 27 Aug 2015
LG announces full-size rollable keyboard, Rolly
  • The LG Rolly will be powered by a AAA battery and will be able to connect to two devices at the same time using Bluetooth 3.0.

LG Electronics has announced a new, full-size rollable keyboard called LG Rolly. LG has claimed that it's the industry’s first solid rollable keyboard, and it will be launched at the upcoming IFA event in Berlin scheduled to start next week. The keyboard folds along four rows and can then be carried easily. The keyboard will work with smartphones as well as tablets.


The keyboard is made using of ABS plastic and durable polycarbonate which is impact-resistant. The keyboard has 17mm key pitch, which is the horizontal spacing between keys. LG has also claimed that its rollable keyboard gives a tactile feel to users that can’t be found in other flexible silicon keyboards.

The LG Rolly keyboard comes with Bluetooth 3.0 that allows it to connect with two devices at same time. It also comes with a toggle key for quick switching, a built-in stand for holding smartphones, as well as tablets with displays up to 10-inches. The keyboard is powered by a AAA battery.

Seo Young-jae, vice president in charge of Innovative Personal Devices at LG Electronics said, “LG Rolly Keyboard is just one of the many premium input devices we’ll be unveiling in the coming months as we expand our accessories offerings.”


As mentioned before, LG will launch the keyboard at IFA and will be available in The United States, followed by Europe, Latin America, and Asia in Q4. LG has said the pricing of the keyboard will be announced during its launch in a particular region.

The keyboard looks really cool on the paper, but it will be interesting to see how it will fare in real world after its unveiling at the IFA.  There are also many other products that are expected to be launched at the IFA such as the Samsung Gear S2 and the Huawei Mate 7S.


In the meantime, you can check out the offical promo video for the LG Rolly:

Ajit Singh

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