Intel unveils 10th Gen Comet Lake-H mobile processors with up to 8 cores clocked at 5.3 GHz Boost

By Mithun Mohandas | Published on 02 Apr 2020
  • Intel announced new 10th Gen Core mobile CPUs for laptops and workstations

  • Top CPU is Intel Core i9-10980HK with 8 Core / 16 Threads with max Turbo boost of 5.3 GHz

  • Platform now has 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes with 16 emerging from the CPU for faster interfaces

Intel unveils 10th Gen Comet Lake-H mobile processors with up to 8 cores clocked at 5.3 GHz Boost
Intel unveils 10th Gen Comet Lake-H mobile processors with up to 8 cores clocked at 5.3 GHz Boost

Intel has announced their new 10th Gen Intel Core CPU line-up codenamed, Comet Lake-H. The CPUs announced today are all incremental upgrades to their existing 9th Gen Coffee Lake-R (Coffee Lake-Refresh) CPUs that were announced around the same time last year. The underlying microarchitecture is still Skylake but it now uses the latest iteration of Intel’s 14nm process node. Today’s announcement includes six processors in total, all of whom have a nominal TDP of 45W and feature Hyper-Threading. Other improvements include higher memory support since these new CPUs can handle DDR4 memory clocked at 2933 MHz. Four of the six CPUs also sport Intel’s new Thermal Velocity Boost technology. Here are the SKUs that were announced today.

Intel 10th Generation Core Processors (Comet Lake-H)

At the top of the stack is the Intel Core i9-10980HK which has a similar 8 Core / 16 Thread configuration as the Coffee Lake-R Core i9-9980HK with a 300 MHz bump in Turbo Boost clock thanks to TVB (Thermal Velocity Boost) followed by the Core i7-10875H which sports a base clock of 2.3 GHz and a Turbo or 5.1 GHz. The cache configurations across the stack is the same as what we saw with Coffee Lake-R processors at launch.

Intel 10th Generation Laptop Processor Comet Lake-H Mobile

It should be noted that four of the top processors in the Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake-H line-up have Intel’s Thermal Velocity Boost feature whereas CLF-R only had two SKUs with TVB. The clock speeds mentioned here include the improvement afforded by TVB. In CFL-R, the TVB increment was 100 MHz but we aren’t certain how much of an improvement TVB has in Comet Lake-H.

Intel 10th Generation Laptop Processor Comet Lake-H Mobile

Base clock improvements can be seen in the Core i7-10850H, Core i5-10400H and the Core i5-10300H. All of these are high-volume SKUs which are predominantly seen in the vast majority of gaming laptops from all manufacturers. So for gaming workloads, we are going to see a slight improvement in titles which are primarily CPU-bound.

While the top SKU is completely unlocked, the rest are locked with the exception of the Core i7-10850H which is labelled as partially unlocked. This means that the Core i7-10850H can be overclocked by three bins only.

Platform Improvements

Aside from improvements to the processors, the platform has a few noteworthy improvements as well. We’ve already touched upon support for 128 GB of DDR4 2933 MHz memory which is going to bring about a slight improvement across the board with different workloads. The new platform also has 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes in total of which 16 lanes are from the CPU directly. This allows the laptop manufacturers to incorporate more connectivity options in the form of two Thunderbolt controllers, additional NVMe M.2 slots and higher throughput network interfaces such as Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (Gig+).

Intel Core i9-10980XE Extreme Edition Processor Key Specs, Price and Launch Date

Price: ₹83000
Release Date: 25 Nov 2019
Variant: None
Market Status: Launched
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