Intel's new Haswell processors expected to be unveiled next week

By Swapnil Mathur | Updated 7 Sept 2012
Intel's new Haswell processors expected to be unveiled next week

Intel has a very successful lineup of processors in the market right now, the latest Core i Ivy Bridge family, but word on the tech circuit is that the mammoth chip maker is about to unleash a slew of new processors sometime next week, codenamed Haswell.


With newer and more process intensive applications, not to mention the requirement of longer battery life on portable devices, it comes as no surprise that Intel will be announcing newer chips. We can definitely expect better performance from Haswell, not only in terms of raw computing power, but also much lower power consumption.

With Microsoft about to release Windows 8 to the market, Intel has even more reason to be announcing newer processors. Microsoft plans to have its OS infiltrate the tablet realm, which will run on ARM processors and Intel powered x86 devices as well. With Microsoft aiming at a very efficiently optimized user experience, and the fact that ARM devices will offer stiff competition in terms of battery life to the Intel powered devices, the need for Intel to produce new processors is not far fetches.

Ever since HP reported a significant dip in desktop PC sales, Intel’s revenue share has also dipped, given that 80% of the PCs worldwide are powered by Intel processors. So with Microsoft being the catalyst for the launch of a wave of new products, there is the expectation that PC sales will rise again, and with Intel releasing new processors, the revenues will go up, but manufacturers are still uncertain which of the two, ARM or Intel-powered devices, will catch on with the consumers.


Whatever the outcome may be, the launch of new processors are sure to catch the attention of enthusiasts and users who are on the go a lot and require good battery life without compromising on performance.

Swapnil Mathur
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