CES 2010: 12 new Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors launched

By Team Digit | Updated 8 Jan 2010
CES 2010: 12 new Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors launched

Intel is making headlines at CES in Las Vegas, unleashing more than 12 new processors into the market less than two weeks into 2010. Introducing new processors for both the mobile and desktop platforms, Intel’s new Core processor family naming scheme really comes into play, with the Core i3, i5, and i7 all available in new variants.


Introduced to the world as the 2010 Intel Core processor family, CES saw Intel’s Senior Vice President Sean Maloney introduce new mobile Core i3 and mobile i5 processors, as well as additions to the entire i7 line. The new mobile Core i3 and i5 processors are built on the new Arrandale graphic platform, and will offer much better (purportedly 70% better) integrated-graphics performance than the old Core2 i3 and i5, with 20% more pixel shaders, all the while maintaining low TDP (thermal design power).

The 2010 Core processor family is being launched with Intel’s new HD Graphics technology, Turbo Boost Technology (only on i5 and i7) and Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology. The new Core i3 processors are all based on the 32nm fabrication technology, as are most of the Core i5 processors. A whole new series of ultra-low voltage processors have been introduced in the i7 processor range, which are all based on the same 32nm fabrication technology, while the remaining standard voltage i7 processors (except the i7-620M) are based on the 45nm fabrication technology.

The top-end Core i5 processors, i5-750S and i5-750 desktop processors, are the only i5 processors not to feature Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology, and are also the only ones to have 8MB cache. This will be the one of the key differentiators between these top-end Core i5 desktop processors and the low-end Core i7 desktop processors, which feature 8MB cache as well as Hyper-Threading Technology, apart from the 400-500Mhz clock speed difference and 4 extra threads. The new top-end 2010 Core i7 processor is the i7 960 with clock speeds of 3.20 GHz (up to 3.46 with turbo boost) and 8MB cache. Find all the full specifications of the 2010 Intel Core processor family here. And before you ask, the Intel’s Gulftown 6-core i7-980X processors are not yet out, and should be released by March hopefully.

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