AOC unveils six super-thin Razor LCD displays - 0.5-inches thick

By Abhinav Lal | Updated 29 Oct 2010
AOC unveils six super-thin Razor LCD displays - 0.5-inches thick
AOC Razor LCD display

AOC has unveiled its Razor LCD display lineup which consists for six models, ranging in size from 18-inches to 23-inches. Powered by LED backlighting technology, the displays are only 0.5-inches (12.9mm) thick, and, sport a 16:9 aspect ratio, along with a dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000,000:1, and 5ms response time.


[RELATED_ARTICLE]The AOC Razor LCD displays all feature a useful base that can be folded and made into a VESA-mounted wall bracket. All the models feature touch-sensitive keys instead of buttons for a control interface, and, all of them feature D-Sub and DVI-D ports. The monitors are rated to have a 28W power consumption.

For now, the six models are only shipping in Europe, but should arrive soon enough in India. You can get an idea of the price below, along with the model numbers and resolutions:


AOC Razor e943Fws (18-inch with 1366x768 resolution) - €94 ~ Rs. 5,800
AOC Razor e2043Fs (20-inch with 1600 x 900 resolution) - €102 ~ Rs. 6,300
AOC Razor e2243Fw (21.5-inch with 1920x1080 resolution) - ?
AOC Razor e2243Fws (21.5-inch with 1920x1080 resolution) - ?
AOC Razor e2343F (23-inch with 1920x1080 resolution) - €158 ~ Rs. 9,750
AOC Razor e2343Fs (23-inch with 1920x1080 resolution) - €152 ~ Rs. 9,400

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