Antec launches High Current Pro 1000 Platinum PSU in India

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 28 Aug 2012
Antec launches High Current Pro 1000 Platinum PSU in India

Antec has launched its High Current Pro 1000 Platinum power supply in the Indian market, pricing it at Rs. 19,500 (MOP), and giving it a seven-year parts and labour warranty. The Antec HCP-1000 Platinum is the first kilowatt-class PSU offered by Antec certified for 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency.


According to Antec, the HCP-1000 Platinum delivers a minimum of 1000 watts of continuous power, making a reliable addition to the enthusiast’s or overclocker’s PC. The HCP-1000’s four 12V rails deliver 40A of output each with low ripple & noise levels and an output ratio of up to 100 percent.

Like other Antec top-line power supplies, the HCP-1000 Platinum has been designed to deliver stable DC current, and bears all Japanese capacitors. It keeps cool with a 135mm thermally controlled double ball bearing fan. The 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency certification ensures that the unit maintains a minimum of 89 percent efficiency across 20-100 percent load levels; the HCP-1000 Platinum runs as efficiently as 94 percent.

Antec’s new power supply offers full modularity with Stealth Wires – darkened wires that reduce visibility in the chassis when connected and routed – and a set of slim 8-pin connectors. Two of these connectors can be plugged into each of the unit’s 16-pin sockets, which also allow for future connectors of 10, 12, 14 and 16-pins.


Kevan Li, Regional Sales Manager for Antec, India said, “The Antec HCP-1000 Platinum is the Pinnacle of the Power Supplies available in the market. This is a Platinum certified PSU that can meet efficiency up to 94% where one can save on overall electricity bill costs up to 25% and even up to 55% if compared with a generic brand PSU. Imagine, how much one save can in a year in a corporate setup having over 50 PCs. It comes with 7 years warranty and also meets ErP Lot 6 (2013) certification Compliant to the toughest energy standards available. Also high end All Japanese capacitors ensure reliability and stability in extreme environments on a 24/7 usage. It is NVIDIA SLI-Ready & AMD CrossFireX certified.” He further added, “This product will be positioned for high end workstations, Research centers, Corporates, Tech Enthusiasts, High end Gamers and Over Clockers.”

Please visit the product page at for more information.


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