AMD releases new Opteron processors for entry to mid level servers

By Swapnil Mathur | Updated 5 Dec 2012
AMD releases new Opteron processors for entry to mid level servers

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has unveiled nine new processors in their Opteron lineup. The new processors take advantage of AMD's Piledriver cores, which is a significant step-up from the Bulldozer cores. The new Opteron lineup is aimed towards those wishing to setup servers that would fall within the gamut of entry-mid level.


The Opteron 4300 and 3300 series offer up to 15 percent better performance with respect to the previous gen Opteron processors and a significant 24 percent improvement in performance per watt.

“The Piledriver core architecture shared by the AMD Opteron 4300 and 3300 Series processors provides optimized performance, power and price for today’s customer,” says Suresh Gopalakrishnan, general manager, Server Business Unit, AMD. “These new processors are ideal for cloud providers, web hosts and small- and medium-sized businesses who want to address their space and power constraints. With a simple upgrade, existing customers can obtain more performance and improved energy efficiency and new customers will obtain compelling value and ROI.”


Offering configurations of 8,6 and 4 cores, the Opteron 4300 series has a maximum base clock of 3.5GHz while the 3300 series maxes out at 2.8 GHz. AMD boasts that along with the enhanced performance, the series 4300 processors are the “only x86 processors that support ultra-low voltage 1.25v memory.”

Here is a list of all the processors in the 4300 and 3300 family that AMD has announced, but if you’re looking for full specs, you can simply click on the link at the bottom.


Opteron 4300 Series

Opteron 4386 (eight-core): $348
Opteron 4376 HE (eight-core): $501
Opteron 4340 (six-core): $348
Opteron 4334 (six-core): $191
Opteron 4332 HE (six-core): $415
Opteron 4310 EE (quad-core): $415

Opteron 3300 Series
Opteron 3380 (eight-core): $229
Opteron 3350 (quad-core): $125
Opteron 3320 (quad-core): $174

Opteron 4300 full Specs
Opteron 3300 Full Specs

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