HP India launches virtual desktop solutions for SMBs

By Tanmay Patange | Updated 6 Jul 2012
HP India launches virtual desktop solutions for SMBs

HP has officially launched virtual desktop solutions for small and medium businesses. With this update, company offered some news services for SMBs. Those services includes accessing the devices such as routers, and port switches. It also offers client virtualization and business protection solutions that include recovery from servers, network security, and various disasters.


The infrastructure provided by HP is an integrated solution for hardware, software, and management tools that essentially replaces the traditional desktop configuration model. HP is also offering a full suite of management software for the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment. Implementations of such services is reportedly possible with the help of HP's industry partners such as VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and others.

Prakash Krishnamoorthy, HP Country Manager reported that, the services and infrastructure from company actually provides the ideal platform to data and applications for more secure and continuous access. He also said that, the BYOD (bring your own device) factor is growing by organisations on day to day basis and along with this, the combination of wired and wireless services is also growing across users.

According to Krishnamoorthy, the Indian market of SMBs is actually worth $18 billion, and the company is expecting a growth rate of 100 per cent for their various products and services they are offering to other companies. As we already mentioned, the virtual desktop solution by HP allows small and medium business to provide the secure access to applications from laptops, tablets and smartphones. It doesn't matter whether the device is available or lost because the information which is stored inside it always remains protected, secure, and safe on the server.

Tanmay Patange

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