Fujitsu achieves 25Gbps transfer speed with quantum dot laser

By Soumya Deb | Published on 22 May 2010
Fujitsu achieves 25Gbps transfer speed with quantum dot laser

Fujitsu unveiled an ultra-fast transfer medium that touches 25Gbps, with the help of laser technology. The laser system, as per their report, uses quantum dot semiconductors to achieve that monstrous speed. These quantum dots allow for a flexible threshold voltage for the semiconductor's - letting to handle the throughput much more efficiently (details).

On the verge of the Tbps (Terabit per second) transfer interfaces, those are already in development phase, and IEEE to bring out 100Gbps Ethernet standard anytime this year now, how come a 25Gbps figure will make a dent in the market? Well, though 25Gbps device may sound a little less impressive, the point is this standard is a bit more consumer oriented and more importantly, it's ready!

Being based on laser technology, the transfer quality over the node distance are expected to be largely improved. Intel's light peak may feature similar advances, but the quantum dot laser technology by Fujitsu is several times faster than Intel LightPeak. If this specification evolves as a standard in near future, ultra-fast data connectivity will be a dream no more for mass-consumers; nevertheless, we'll have 'yet another' medium for the next gen HD displays, Blu-ray players, mass-storage devices, etc.

Soumya Deb

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