Here's how Samsung's Home Wizard AI makes mundane household appliances smart

By Shubham Sharma | Updated 31 Jan 2018
Here's how Samsung's Home Wizard AI makes mundane household appliances smart
  • The new HomeCare Wizard tracks usage of smart home appliances and provides insights about their energy and usage patterns or if there’s an issue with the appliance.

Samsung launched its new WW8800M washing machine with QuickDrive technology back in August 2017 and debuted a new AI and IoT-based service solution, the HomeCare Wizard with it. The company recently detailed the HomeCare Wizard's functionality and said that it enables tracking of device statistics and allows self-diagnosis for smart appliances in order to "enhance efficiency and to help users use their appliances better.” The new feature leverages machine learning and AI for providing meaningful insights about energy and usage patterns, cleaning reminders and more to a user.


Samsung claims that its HomeCare Wizard service makes use of an advanced algorithm to find and alert users of less obvious reasons affecting their smart appliances’ efficiency and performance. For example, if the AC is not cooling efficiently due to an unclean filter, the HomeCare Wizard is said to diagnose and report user of the issue via the mobile app. The service can also decide whether the problem with a device requires a technician’s attention or not and if it’s the latter, it will provide the user with simple instructions for solving the issue.

Samsung details the feature in its newsroom post saying, “Users have the option to receive regular usage reports through the mobile app, which in addition to offering 24-hour troubleshooting and diagnostics, will provide customized tips based on users’ usage patterns to help them get more out of a particular appliance.” The HomeCare Wizard can also send the device’s diagnostic data to the service center directly, in case the customer requires to call in a technician. 

As per Samsung, the HomeCare Wizard compares a device’s previous operation alongside its current status for drawing inferences and diagnosing recurring problems. It notes sensor data, analysing it while the appliances are running and becomes more accurate in its suggestions over time. Samsung’s 2018 smart appliances will come with the HomeCare Wizard, which includes washing machines, Family Hub refrigerators, air conditioners, cooking appliances, and robot vacuum cleaners.


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