ASUS unveils Zenbo Junior robot

The developer-friendly ASUS Zenbo 2 ecosystem consists of multiple tools to further customise the robotics system for classrooms, businesses and DIYers

By Mithun Mohandas | Published 25 Oct 2018 11:47 IST
  • The developer-friendly ASUS Zenbo Junior ecosystem consists of multiple tools to further customise the robotics system for classrooms, businesses and DIYers

ASUS unveils Zenbo Junior robot
ASUS unveils Zenbo Junior robot

ASUS unveiled the much-awaited successor of their robotics project named Zenbo Junior. This avatar of of the Zenbo robotics project is designed to facilitate the easy development of AI and Robotics solutions for consumers, developers, classrooms and businesses among others. As part of making the Zenbo Junior robotics project developer friendly and to foster an ecosystem of innovation, ASUS is making available a plethora of tools not limited to the Zenbo SDK, Dialogue Development Editor, Classroom Management Console, Zenbo Management Console and App Builder Pro. Zenbo Junior will be available globally soon. We will keep you posted on availability and pricing in the Indian market.

The first Zenbo robot was unveiled at COMPUTEX 2016. Unconfirmed leaks started appearing earlier this year about the successor to the Zenbo with the name and some of the final specifications coming to light just two months ago.

Zenbo Junior

ASUS has quite successfully managed to keep Zenbo Junior under wraps especially given how quite a few of their recent motherboard launches made their way onto the internet before the NDA expired. The software portfolio of Zenbo Junior has been bifurcated according to the application scenarios but nothing’s stopping you from using the other software should the need arise.

For schools, colleges and other educational purposes, Zenbo Junior can be used to not only understand the concepts of Robotics and AI but by putting to use the numerous onboard sensors and tools, students can develop their own robotics projects as well. The Zenbo Junior comes pre-built with features that make it easy to build and develop common robotics projects that are taught in schools and colleges. These projects include - line followers, collision detection and stimuli based response systems.

Zenbo Junior is also being pegged as a classroom aid. Teachers can utilise Zenbo Junior to disseminate teaching materials and assignments, and aid in evaluations as well. The Classroom Management Console on the Zenbo Junior is built for this purpose.

Lastly, if you wish to take it up a notch with the customisation then Zenbo Junior does offer tools that allow for more granular level of customisation. The Zenbo Management Console and App Builder Pro tools allow developers to extend the capabilities of Zenbo Junior by tying in external apps and systems. The App Builder Pro tools, especially, help in creating menu-driven interfaces for customer interaction and service.

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