6 tools to detect AI-generated text content

By Mustafa Khan | Published 02 Feb 2023 11:46 IST
6 tools to detect AI-generated text content
6 tools to detect AI-generated text content

ChatGPT has been the talk of the internet for quite some time now. It can quickly whip up stories, jokes, poems and even write a bit of code. All you have to do is ask it and ChatGPT will get it done for you. With the popularity of ChatGPT, everyone is using it for their work knowingly and unknowingly. But how do you figure out if a given piece of content has been written by ChatGPT or not? Can we even point that out? Well, here are 6 useful tools to help you catch AI-generated text content. 

1. Open AI Classifier 

This Open AI tool known as an AI classifier can detect AI-generated texts and can differentiate between human-written texts and AI-generated texts. The success rate of this tool is 26%, Open AI claimed. You need to have a free account on OpenAI and then paste the text in the column and it will tell you if it’s AI-generated or not. 

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2. GPT-2 Output Detector

GPT-2 Output Detector is another tool to detect the AI-generated texts. It can also identify the text written by a human or bot. 

3. Writer.com

Writer.com is a website for users who want to learn creative writing as a beginner. Along with many other features, this website also has a feature to detect  AI-Generated text. You just have to open the website, then open the AI content detector and you are good to go.

4. Copyleaks.com

Another AI text detector website, it is a comprehensive plagiarism detection platform. It uses its plagiarism tool to compare your text with the database of millions of websites and gives you the report.

5. Sapling.ai

Sapling.ai is a messaging tool for professionals to help them in sales, support, and success teams more efficiently compose personalised responses. Sapling.ai has many features including the detection of AI-generated text.

6. Corrector.app

It is basically for people who want their spelling and grammar to be checked in various languages but you can even detect bot-generated language as well on this website. You just have to open the website and scroll down to Browse Other Tools. Select the AI content detector and paste the text in the column. After that, it will tell you how fake the text is in percentage. 

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