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Yahoo rolls out a fresh look for Search

Yahoo's new Search results have lesser clutter and deeper Bing integration.

By Kul Bhushan | Published 06 Jun 2013 17:36 IST
  • Yahoo's redesigned Search is said to be similar to the one that Google launched months a go, featuring new navigation bar at the top of the page.

Yahoo rolls out a fresh look for Search

Yahoo has announced rolling out a new look and feel to its web search. The new design gets rid of visual clutter in the navigation bar and additional settings sidebar. The update has deeper Bing integration and special emphasis on making images more prominent in the search.

Yahoo has placed the search results higher on the page and introduced a new navigation bar at the top of the page. There's also under-the-hood performance improvements that ensure the page loads relative fast.

“Over the coming months, you’ll see more from Yahoo! as we work to deliver a search experience that combines utility with beauty and gets you to your results faster. Today’s news is just our first step,” says the company in a post.

Yahoo's new UI is available in the U.S. only for now, but we expect the update to roll out in other regions pretty soon.  Of late, Yahoo has been working to improve its services with new updates and acquisitions. It recently revamped Flickr UI, took over Tumblr and cross-platform gaming firm PlayerScale and update to Yahoo for iOS platform.


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