Yahoo Mail rolls out a redesigned interface and introduces Yahoo Mail Pro

By Shrey Pacheco | Updated 30 Jun 2017
Yahoo Mail rolls out a redesigned interface and introduces Yahoo Mail Pro
  • Yahoo Mail Pro is an improved version of the subscription-based Ad Free Mail experience that the company launched a few years ago

Yahoo Mail has rolled new design for its desktop, which the company says will offer a fast, reliable and intuitive experience. The updated layout now offers different colour themes and each comes in three different layout options. There is also more spacing between important items, so the layout seems less cluttered. There is also an option for users to express themselves via the emoji set from Twitter’s open source platform.


The update also adds a new Photos and Documents Views that allows users to see attachments more easily. The company also adds that the interface is now faster and more responsive, while the Search function has also been improved. The search results page will now show results in the same way as the one specified in the ‘viewing email’ settings. Further, users will be able to see a preview by hovering the pointer over the image icon to view photos, documents, etc 

Besides this, Yahoo also improved the subscription based Ad Free Mail experience. The service is now called Yahoo Mail Pro and is now available on desktop and mobile. If users who opt in for the the new experience aren’t satisfied with the new look, they can switch back to the older view by going into Settings and selecting the ‘switch to classic mail’ option at the bottom.

Yahoo Mail has also added new options that mail its services more accessible to all users. This includes full inbox support for NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) and VoiceOver screen readers. There are also options for light-sensitive and low-vision users as well as layouts for use with high magnification. Further, there is full keyboard navigation for alternative input devices.



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