WhatsApp reportedly working on a web client

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 15 Dec 2014
WhatsApp reportedly working on a web client
  • Facebook owned WhatsApp messaging service may soon come to your desktop.

WhatsApp is reportedly developing a web version of its messaging app dubbed 'WhatsApp web'.

A team at AndroidWorld.nl has discovered a hidden code inside a recent WhatsApp update that has mention of "WhatsApp Web." The code references to logging in to a web service as well as tracking statuses online. This hints that the WhatsApp team is at least exploring some sort of web functionality.


Facebook-owned WhatsApp has over 600 million users globally making it the largest messaging service. The app uses the smartphone’s SIM card to authenticate, and till now was limited to mobile devices. The web based client has been a much demanded functionality by its users worldwide. Other rival popular messaging apps like Line, Viber, Telegram, and WeChat all allow you to message either on your phone or the via the web.

According to the WhatsAPI team, users will be able to login with their WhatsApp account on the web using OAuth. WhatsApp's web client will send a request to the users mobile client, and ask them to log in once they’ve accepted it via their mobile. Users will access the web client through the https://web.whatsapp.com address, which currently requests a Google account to log in.

Rival messaging app Telegram's co-founder Pavel Durov recently stated, that he thought WhatsApp was working on a web version "since they tried to hire our web dev." However WhatsApp hasn't confirmed when and if the web version of its popular messaging app will be rolled out.


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Source:  Android World, Github

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