Welcoming Maggi back… with a flash!

Because, every good thing in life comes with a difficulty of attaining it.

By Souvik Das | Published 10 Nov 2015 18:51 IST
  • Because, every good thing in life comes with a difficulty of attaining it.

Welcoming Maggi back… with a flash!
Welcoming Maggi back… with a flash!

In major news across every sector, Maggi is all set to make a comeback. While many places have already welcomed back the massively popular instant noodles, Snapdeal is hosting a flash sale on its website on November 12, at 12pm. The flash sale comprises a ‘welcome kit’ of Maggi – a special kit with 12 packs of Maggi, a special box, and freebies. The nature of freebies included in the welcome kit is not specified, although things indeed look delicious at the moment.

To stand a chance of buying the one-time special kit, you need to log on to Snapdeal, locate the deal page (here is the link), register or log in to your Snapdeal account, and register for the flash sale that commences at noon on November 12, at the sultry hour of Diwali afternoon. You will receive confirmation of your registration via email, and voila! All you need to live through is the 17-odd hours of wait, till the flash sale begins tomorrow.

A sudden controversy plagued the undisputed run of Maggi, with the instant noodles allegedly containing more amount of Lead than what was permitted by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). However, with the clouds of despair finally clear, the Maggi-loving generation can now get back to innovative Maggi recipes for midnight snacks, which had sadly forced a massive contingent of people to shift to other quick snacks to satiate the void left by the incredibly tastebud-tingling yellow noodles that we have all grown up with.

To look at this from another angle, this might just be one of the best flash sales to take place recently. Maintaining a flow with the still-uprising craze of online purchases, Maggi has tied up with Snapdeal to give its re-launch a boost, and re-live the emotional connect that many have had with the bubbly pack of noodles. Our in-house online shopping aficionado claims to have spotted the deal online last night itself, but stated that the welcome kit of Maggi was sold out within one minute of the deal going live.

On a personal note, I have never been a fan of flash sales, and often avoided it simply for the inconvenience of sharp timing. This time, though, the deal seems too delicious to resist.

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