Twitter testing pop-up mini profile to make threads easier to read

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 16 Feb 2019
Twitter testing pop-up mini profile to make threads easier to read
  • Twitter's threaded conversations are incredibly hard to follow, especially if you also want to know a thing or two about the people who are a part of that thread. Looks like Twitter may solve this problem soon.


  • Twitter testing pop-up profiles in threaded replies
  • Feature being tested for iOS
  • Feature will come to Android at a later time

Following threaded response on Twitter can be quiet painful, especially if you’re also curious about the people responding to them. To address the issue, Twitter is reportedly testing a new feature which puts the preview of a profile as an overlay. Twitter does not organize the conversations in an easy to follow manner, which makes following threaded conversations even more cumbersome.


The feature would allow a Twitter user to see the Twitter bio, follower count and when they joined the service as part of the preview overlay. This overlay will be available in both threaded replies and the main feed. Users will also be able to jump to the full profile of the other users along with the standard share options – specifically tailored for the user’s profile. The report comes courtesy of The Verge.

Twitter says the feature should be arriving for Android users soon, the report said. The company also tweeted about testing the feature on iOS that would allow users to check out other people’s profiles without having to leave their timelines. “A feature like a profile preview is a good way to help users stay focused on one particular conversation and glean important information about who’s participating without having to jump around incessantly,” the report added.

Twitter, over the last few months, has been on a spree of improving user experience and also trimming down the presence of agents who seek to manipulate elections. Additionally, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has mentioned that Twitter is working on ways to monitor and restrict mental and physical threats to its users. The micro-blogging site is also working on a feature that would be able to trace the origins of long threads of tweets.


The feature in question is currently in testing for iOS and should be coming to Android soon.

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