Twitter reportedly working on an integrated tweetstorm feature for its Android app

By Shubham Sharma | Updated 11 Sept 2017
Twitter reportedly working on an integrated tweetstorm feature for its Android app
  • The feature was discovered hidden in the Twitter Android app. If released, it will allow users to chain their tweets automatically, currently, users reply to their own tweets for starting a tweetstorm.

Twitter is reportedly working on an integrated tweetstorm feature for its Twitter Android app. According to a report by the next web, a twitter user with the alias Devesh Logendran posted screenshots of a built-in tweet storming feature. The feature automatically breaks long texts into individual tweets and adds a tweet count at the end.The report also stated that the new tweetstorm feature is not available publicly at the time. 


The report states that hidden in the Android app’s code is a dormant feature which may allow users to tweetstorm. Twitter, however, refused to comment on the hidden feature. The micro-blogging website allows users to type out 140 character long tweets to express their opinions, however, many users have been requesting the site to lift that restriction so that it is easier to convey longer stories. This feature could also ease new users into the Twitter environment who are not used to a character limit of 140 words. Twitter has already lifted the 140 character limit by allowing users to send direct messages.

Twitter had recently rolled out a night mode interface for its website, the feature was already available for Twitter’s iOS and Android apps. Last quarter, the micro-blogging platform had a daily active usage growth of 14 per cent YoY. Twitter now has nearly 328 million monthly active users (MAUs), the same number it reported in the first quarter of 2017.

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