Twitter iOS app redesigned to de-emphasise followers and following count

By Digit NewsDesk | Published on 20 Nov 2018
  • In an attempt to highlight conversations and interactions on the platform, the company is decreasing the font size of Followers, Following, mutual follows, locations, birthdays, and join dates.

Twitter iOS app redesigned to de-emphasise followers and following count

Twitter has made some new subtle changes to its iOS app, reports The Verge. These new changes are made so that profile names and bio is emphasised rather than the Following and Follower count. Users of the app on iOS will note that the font size of their followers and following are now smaller, along with the other information like mutual follows, locations, birthdays, and join dates. The new change comes soon after the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey said that Twitter needs to be revamped so that “meaningful” conversations are prioritised over numbers of followers, likes or retweets. 

He also hinted at the company’s plans to de-emphasise these metrics since originally, their fonts were made larger than the rest of elements on a profile page without knowing that it would be a big deal for users. The changes made to the iOS app for Twitter are already present on Android but are currently not implemented on some elements like join date, which still sports a larger font.

The company has been making efforts to change how users experience the platform. When Dorsey previously visited India and met with IIT students, he said that the micro-blogging platform will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to curb the spread of misleading content ahead of 2019 general elections. However, the government says that Twitter's efforts of taking down fake or misleading information is not efficient enough and it should install a 24X7 response to investigations. 

Dorsey did admit that tackling the spread of fake news isn't easy, “The real problem is not misinformation per se as jokes can also be categorised as misinformation. But misinformation that is spread with the intent to mislead people is a real problem," said the Twitter CEO. He added that no one can build a perfect lock, “but we need to stay ahead of our attackers. AI could probably help.”

The Twitter app for iOS was also recently updated and it now features new data management tools, group message controls and more options. It now comes with a new ‘Data saver’ feature that stops autoplay for videos and initially loads images in low-quality resolution. The update also enables finer control over group direct message members, which reportedly makes controlling a group easier than before. You can read more about it here

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