Twitter finally lets us add GIFs, images and videos to retweets

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 7 May 2019
Twitter finally lets us add GIFs, images and videos to retweets
  • Twitter now lets users add GIFs to retweets.
  • Users can also use images and videos to retweet.
  • Twitter has apparently worked a lot to refine the new feature.

Twitter has announced that its users can now retweet with GIFs, images and videos. The feature was asked by users for quite some time now and the micro-blogging platform announced that the new update would be available for users on Android, iOS and the mobile site. The company’s developers say that implementing the new feature was a design challenge since it was initially difficult to distinguish between the original tweet and retweet. @TwitterDesign says it was challenging for people to understand all the content in a retweet that featured media because of the layout where two tweets were stacked on top of each other. 


“To improve comprehension, we focused on creating hierarchy, prioritizing the author’s voice, and providing more context around the Tweet being Retweeted,” Twitter says. Then the company ran a usability test where it introduced a condensed inner tweet to help users discern the components of the retweet and apparently, participants reacted well to the new change. In addition to the new design change, there would be some more updates, which are touted to make “Retweets with media more interactive and easier to read.” The company might be hinting towards the addition of ‘author’, ‘mentioned’ and ‘following’ labels on replies, which it is currently testing. 

The new changes come soon after Twitter announced a new ‘Lights Out’ option, which adds a darker colour scheme on its app. While there was an option to switch to dark mode, it was a bit greyish in colour rather than being true black. Those who want to use the new colour scheme can do so from the Display and Sound tab under the Settings and Privacy Menu. There is an option to turn on dark mode and once done, two new options called Dim and Lights Out will appear as sub menus. 

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