clone website surfaces online

By Prasid Banerjee | Updated 10 Aug 2016 clone website surfaces online
  • After the shutdown of the original website, has come up to take its place

Days after torrent search website, went down forever, a new head has popped up. The new website, called, seems to be a clone of the original. Torrentz was shut down recently for unknown reasons. Users just found a measage stating, “Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.” While the owner of the website has refrained from comment, reports have speculated a link between this, and the arrest of Kickasstorrents owner, Artem Vaulin.


Torrentz was amongst the most popular torrent search websites. Torrentz didn’t actually host its own torrents. Rather, the website was an aggregator, returning results from multiple torrent websites around the world, including the erstwhile Piratebay and Kickasstorrent.

Incidents around torrent websites shutting down have been increasing over the past year or two. With the arrival of services like Netflix, the crackdown on torrents has been increasing, since it hurts such businesses. But, as it has always been, when one head falls, another comes up.

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