Reliance Jio outperforms other network operators in terms of average 4G download speeds

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 7 Dec 2017
Reliance Jio outperforms other network operators in terms of average 4G download speeds
  • Reliance Jio offered the highest average 4G download speeds of up to 21.9 mbps, whereas the runner-up Vodafone registered only 8.7 Mbps. In average 4G upload speeds, Idea was the first with 6.4 Mbps, followed by Vodafone and Jio at 5.8 and 4.3 Mbps respec

Reliance Jio outperforms all other network operators in India by recording an average 4G download speed of about 21.9 mbps on its network in November. According to a report by PTI, via TRAI’s report, Vodafone comes in second with Idea and Airtel close behind. In terms of 4G upload speeds, Idea is the winner followed by Vodafone and Jio. 


As per the TRAI’s MySpeed app data, the average 4G download speeds offered by Jio, as mentioned above, is up to 21.9 mbps. The telco previously recorded download speeds of 19.3 mbps at the end of August. Vodafone registered an average download speed of 8.7 mbps and was followed by Airtel and Idea with 8.6 mbps and 7.5 mbps 4G download speeds respectively.

In terms of 4G upload speeds, Idea outperformed other telcos as it recorded speeds of up to 6.4 mbps. It was followed by Vodafone at 5.8 mbps and Reliance Jio comes in third with an average 4G upload speed of 4.3 mbps. Airtel stands last with 4G upload speeds of 4 mbps.

According to a previous report, the high 4G download speeds demonstrated by Jio could be due to an end of free offers by the telco. The report said that there was about 50 percent jump in Jio’s 4G data speeds after they ended the freebies. It also added that Reliance Jio could provide up to 13 times faster data speeds to its users, but fails to do so due to a high number of subscribers choking the network.

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