RailTel offers free Wi-Fi services at Bangalore Railway station

By Kul Bhushan | Published on 07 Mar 2012
RailTel offers free Wi-Fi services at Bangalore Railway station

Bangalore division of Indian Railways has partnered with RailTel and Telibrahma to provide “BluFi” services in the city railway station. BluFi stands for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The BluFi services will allow passengers to access online content such as videos, games, wallpapers along with Railway-related information information such as PNR status, just by switching Bluetooth on their mobile devices at the station.

Free Wi-Fi services are provided RailTel as a part of its RailWire retail broadband drive. To use Railways' free Wi-Fi service, passengers/users need to send a request for accessing Internet via their mobile phones. Users/passengers will then receive password via SMS for further proceedings.

Ravi BR, chief operating officer and co-founder of TELiBrahma says the BluFi service will help passengers access a wide range of information and entertainment while they are travelling. Speaking about TeliBrahma, Ravi BR added that the company has been partnering with global brands to provide “rich media engagement” to targeted consumers.

Launch of free Wi-Fi services at railway station is definitely a welcome move. Currently, such services are mostly available at airports, coffee shops and colleges. Railway stations in India are normally very crowded, therefore such services will definitely help a number of people and may even help minimising rush at the information counters. What do you think of free Wi-Fi services at Railway stations? Let us know in the comments section below:

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