Microsoft may let you block ads on for $3.99

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 5 Apr 2016
Microsoft may let you block ads on for $3.99
  • A page on Microsoft's website details Outlook Premium, which will bring added features for users.

The Internet is powerful, it offers advertising options that TV or newspapers never could, and that has been the bane of its existence. Hasn’t it? Aren’t there too many ads, on this website and others? Gmail has ads, as does Microsoft’s The maker of Windows though is giving users a respite from ads, allowing them to pay $3.99 (approx. Rs. 270), to get rid of ads on Paying up will also give you some extra features, like a personalised email address.


The information came from Microsoft’s website, through a page first spotted by, which detailed premium subscription. The program is currently in its beta stage and was first reported, by Zdnet, on February 16.

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