Microsoft Edge built on Chromium open-source project to come with IE mode, macOS compatibility, and many more new features

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 7 May 2019
Microsoft Edge built on Chromium open-source project to come with IE mode, macOS compatibility, and many more new features
  • Microsoft announces new features for Edge browser that’s built on Chromium.
  • The new browser will be made available for macOS users and on Windows.

Microsoft’s Build 2019 conference is in full swing and the company made a slew of announcements on the first day of its event. One of the major reveals was its new Edge browser that’s based on the Chromium open source project. The company announced some new features that will be made available in the upcoming version of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and also confirmed that it will soon be made available on previous versions of Windows and on iOS, Android and on macOS. Edge Chromium browser will receive some new features like a completely revamped Collections feature, new privacy tools and an Internet Explorer mode. 


Starting with the new Collections feature, it will enable users to collate images, text and other media from around the web. The feature is said to preserve the logical structure of the copied content so that it is easy to export them to Word or Excel. It enables drag and drop functionality for copying elements like images and text off from a web page and also creates reference links for the original websites where one found them. As for the new privacy tools, the new browser will feature three preset levels for implementing data privacy with different rules. It consists of Unrestricted, Balanced and Strict modes. 

Microsoft also announced an Internet Explorer mode for the Edge Chromium browser. While aimed at enterprises, the new mode will enable complete IE11 compatibility to Edge for internal sites. The new mode is said to enable “rendering legacy IE-only content in high fidelity inside of Microsoft Edge” and one need not open a separate browser. As mentioned above, the new browser will also be made available on macOS and Mac users would soon get access to Canary and Dev builds of the browser, similar to Windows. 

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