Jolicloud 1.0 released to the public

By Kshitij Sobti | Published on 06 Aug 2010
Jolicloud 1.0 released to the public

When we reviewed this awesome OS two weeks back it had just been released to selected Jolicloud users who downloaded it in its early beta days. Now finally it is available for all to try out.

Jolicloud is a Linux-based operating system designed for netbooks, which makes your computer a pure joy to use. It’s hard to tell that underneath its rich and easy to use HTML5 based web-centric interface lies the Linux kernel. The OS has a unique interface which gels well with the web paradigm, in fact the whole OS is tightly integrated with social features.

You will not find any other OS which makes it so simple to install and remove applications and to synchronize them across multiple computers. To learn more about Jolicloud’s numerous amazing features check out our review of this release.

While some of you may have concerns using a web-centric OS in a country like India where the internet connectivity is so poor, we’d like to remind you that this OS will work fine even with slower connections as you can install native applications to it. However if you have a time or bandwidth limited connection your experience might be hampered quite a bit. There is no doubt that this OS will need an always on internet connection to enjoy properly.

If you have netbook (and an always-on internet connection), we highly recommend you try this OS out you will certainly find the interface more appropriate and easier to use for the smaller screen size. Jolicloud is as simple to install as it is to use; you can download an installer for Windows which guides you through the process or an .iso file which can be burned to a disk or copied to a pen-drive. If you’re thinking of buying a netbook you can try this out on your desktop computer, it might help you save the money you’d spend on Windows.

Visit the Jolicloud website to download the latest release.

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