Innovative SuperFax signals 'Green' revolution, dead-end of traditional fax machines

An article briefing about the release, price & availability of innovative SuperFax, that signals the advent of 'Green' revolution and the doom of traditional fax machines.

By Vinod Yalburgi | Published 17 Jun 2010 16:26 IST
Innovative SuperFax signals 'Green' revolution, dead-end of traditional fax machines
Innovative SuperFax signals 'Green' revolution, dead-end of traditional fax machines

At a time, when the whole world has looked up to the 'Green' concept and threw up hands in support of 'Green' revolution, Knowlarity Communications Pvt. Ltd., pioneers in hosted telephony solutions has taken a gigantic step ahead by reportedly announcing the release and availability of their revolutionary product - the SuperFax. SuperFax promises to offer the technological edge, with emphasis on 'Green' revolution(100% paperless work) which might actually tempt you ending up trashing your fax machine for good. SuperFax is meant to allow you to receive faxes in your email inbox as a PDF file attachment. Adding to the icing on the cake, it purportedly sends an SMS alert to your mobile as and when you receive a fax. And if you wish to send a fax on to a particular number, you could just compose an email, attach the file (in any format) that you need to fax and send it to ‘faxnumber’ The fax apparently gets delivered to the intended number (e.g. if you send an email with attachment to, the attachment gets delivered as fax to 011-27354627). In addition, with SuperFax you can expect to receive fax on more than one email account and the copy of the fax could be sent to multiple people automatically.

Thus SuperFax appears to demonstrate its potential as a user friendly, eco-friendly tool with some mind-blowing advantages. Let us take a look at a few of the prominent ones.
1)Stored in the inbox, faxes can be referred to anytime in the future.
2)As per the sources, no upfront investment in a fax machine, no telephone lines, no busy connections, no electricity, no thermal or plain paper, no ink cartridges & no maintenance is required.
3)SuperFax is expected to support digital file format and users can apparently receive free and unlimited incoming faxes.
4)One can send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world.
5)Above all, one of the most striking deal is – there’s reportedly no need to pay for long distance tariff while sending a fax to a STD or an ISD number. This could apparently result in huge savings.

Emphasizing the ease of use & paperless work, Ambarish Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, Knowlarity Communications, has reportedly said, “Over the years the world has moved from letters to email. The hassle associated with maintaining a fax machine is making it obsolete by the day.  SuperFax, the new avatar of the traditional fax is here to bridge the digital divide. It facilitates sending the paper documents on email and vice versa.”

Sharing his viewpoints on major security, privacy & 'Green' concept advantages, Mr. Pallav Pandey, Co-founder and COO, Knowlarity Communications, has reportedly stated, “It is ideal for mobile executives who cannot collect their faxes from stationary machines. They can receive and send fax via their very own private and virtual fax number from anywhere in the world. Not to forget the fact that there are no peeping toms to whom the contents of the fax are exposed till the time it reaches you from the machine. The 128-bit encryption ensured complete security. Not to forget the paperless office and go-green aspect that it brings in!”

Whenever someone tries to send a fax to their virtual private fax number, he/she is said to receive a fax tone, similar to the traditional fax machines. The Knowlus, hosted telephony engine, apparently converts the fax received into a PDF file and emails it as an attachment to your ID. And as and when you send a fax using SuperFax (‘faxnumber’, the attachment is purportedly extracted and sent as a regular fax to the designated number. If the number is busy, SuperFax apparently retries the connection automatically. Besides, customers are promised to get free 24x7 support from Knowlarity Communications.

The cost of a fax machine is estimated to start from Rs 5000 onwards and the average monthly rental of a telephone line connected to it, is expected to come up to Rs 300 per month. If we happen to compare the traditional fax expenditure budget with free 800 page outgoing, free unlimited incoming pages, a highly economical Rs 2 per page for outgoing beyond the predefined limit, validity of 12 months and an annual rental of Rs 2500 only (average monthly cost around Rs 200), then it appears that SuperFax is a wise investment indeed. And for those who wish to take a trial, it promises to offer a free 15 day trial available wherein you can send 10 pages and receive 10 pages to gain a first-hand experience of this revolutionary service that’s sure to mark the dead end of the traditional fax machines!

Surprisingly, this innovative technology is reportedly developed and launched successfully in the market, by an unassuming all star ex-IIT team of engineers. We should put up our hands together and commend these intellectual masterminds on a job well done!!

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