Indian and Pakistani Hackers wage war online

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 10 Oct 2014
Indian and Pakistani Hackers wage war online
  • Over a dozen Indian and Pakistani websites were defaced by hackers from both countries.

Hackers from India and Pakistan have started a full-blown hacking and defacement online war which has affected over a dozen websites in both countries.

Pakistani hackers defaced the website of the Press Club of India (PCI) with a message on the website's home page claiming Pakistani origin. Singer Sonu Nigam's official website and were also defaced by a group claiming to be "Pakistan Cyber Attackers". Two Punjabi news websites have also been hacked.


A hacker group calling itself "Indian Hackers Online Squad" hacked and defaced the website of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP). A hacker Zukr@in, posted a message on Pakistan People’s Party's stating: "To Citizens of Pakistan, Pakistan's Army, Pakistan Peoples Party and Specially Mr. Bilawal Bhutto- Zardari. Without any Violence Let Me tell you that Pakistan will never Get Kashmir. This is the Truth. You Have to Accept it :)"

Recently Malayalam films actor Mohanlal's official blog was hacked by a group called Pakistan cyber crime, in retaliation an Indian hackers group called "The Mallu soldiers" defaced the website of Pakistan's National University of Modern Languages.


Apart from that over a dozen websites were hacked by bloggers from both sides, including the Pakistan Electric Power Company (Private) Limited ( and National Manpower Bureau (

Indo-Pak friendship group Aaghaz-E-Dosti has urged netizens not to ignite the tension. In a statement the group said, "We must know that for both the countries, peace is of utmost importance and also our common need is being focused on development rather than spending huge money of taxes for arms and ammunition...We believe that any dispute can be resolved only by talk and mutual negotiation and agreements and not with violence."


A recent CERT-In report says that the agency handled over 62000 cyber attacks on Indian websites in the first five months of this year. The report says "Most of the defacements were under '.in' domain, in which a total 15490 '.in' domain websites were defaced."

Source:  TOI



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