Here’s how you can Tweet with 280 characters right now!

By Adamya Sharma | Updated 27 Sept 2017
Here’s how you can Tweet with 280 characters right now!
  • A simple hack will let you Tweet with 280 characters on Twitter's web client. Here's how you can get started with your lengthier Tweets.

Twitter just announced that it is testing a new character limit for Tweets. The new limit will allow users to Tweet with 280 characters as opposed to 140 characters. The update is being tested amongst a small group of Twitter users right now. However, there is a cool workaround which will let you Tweet with 280 characters right now.


The workaround was discovered by Twitter user @Prof.9. The hack uses a Chrome extension called Tampermonkey, which force enables 280 characters in Tweets using the Twitter web client.

Here’s what you need to do to Tweet in 280 characters right now.

Download Tampermonkey for your browser. If you are using Chrome, here is a link to download the Tampermonkey Chrome extension

Now head to this Github repository and click on ‘Raw’. This will copy the script to force enable 280 characters on Twitter onto Tampermonkey. Now, click on ‘Install’ within Tampermonkey.


After this, head to and start typing your 280 character long Tweet. The Tampermonkey extension will show the number ‘1’ on the top right corner of your Chrome window. This means the script is running in the background.

Remember, this is just a hack and not an official way to tweet using 280 characters. Twitter will slowly roll-out the new update after it’s done testing the same.

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