Here comes the first build of Firefox 4!

By Kshitij Sobti | Published 29 Jun 2010 18:24 IST
Here comes the first build of Firefox 4!
Here comes the first build of Firefox 4!

We have finally, a build of what is to become Firefox 4!

Those who live in the Nightly realm of Mozilla’s Minefield, will notice that the latest update is Minefield4b2. While this is essentially the same as the Firefox 3.7a6 line of code which was building on Gecko 1.9.3 this line was to some day become Firefox 4, and that day is today.

Since the nightly line has already been labeled 4b2 for working on the second beta, you can expect that Firefox 4 beta 1 will be released soon, officially. If you don’t want to wait, you can get a build of Firefox 4 beta 1 (although probably not the final beta 1!) from here (Windows build, 32-bit Mac build, 64-bit Mac build, 32-bit Linux build, 64-bit Linux build).

Beta 1 will be a very early look at Firefox 4, and will feature few of the brilliant features that will be found in the final release. However it will come with the UI:

Firefox 4 UI

And the new add-on manager:

Firefox 4 new addon manager

Firefox 4 also comes with Windows 7 taskbar integration, with support for jumplists and tab previews. Which unlike most other browsers can be turned off.

As you may have notices, with Firefox 4, the browser has gone for a tabs-on-top approach. Here is a rather onvincing arugement favoring this change. As always this can be changed from tabs on top to tabs on bottom if desired.

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