Google tweaks mobile Search design to improve source visibility and make Search future-proof

By Adamya Sharma | Updated 23 May 2019
Google tweaks mobile Search design to improve source visibility and make Search future-proof
  • Google has introduced a visual redesign to Search on mobile
  • Search Result Cards now have headers clearly attributing source of information
  • The mobile Search redesign will roll-out over the next couple of weeks

Google has been rolling out several updates to Search in the recent past. These updates range from how Search results are presented by the Google Assistant, to making it easier for users to pick up where they left off in Search. These micro changes are all part of the fundamental shift Google wants to bring about in Search, something the company highlighted when it achieved its 20th anniversary milestone. Towards the same goal of evolving Search, Google has announced a visual refresh of Google Search on mobile. The changes are not very dramatic, but are aimed at making brands and sources of content more visible, along with creating a future-proof framework for Google to add more action buttons in the coming updates.


In the next few weeks, users will start seeing the visual tweaks made to mobile Search. The most notable difference will be the way source information and brand names are presented in Search results. The name of the source, be it an advertorial or a website, will be featured on top of Search cards, complete with a logo. This will make it easier for users to differentiate between ads and other content, as well as choose their preferred content source.

Google says that by presenting information in this manner, the company will have more room to add action buttons and helpful previews to Search cards going forward. As per the company, this redesign will first roll-out to Mobile, with no word on similar tweaks for the desktop version of Search.

Users can expect to see the new mobile Search in the coming weeks.

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