Google's new "What Do You Love?" search revealed

By Abhinav Lal | Published on 28 Jun 2011
Google's new "What Do You Love?" search revealed

A new Google web property has been stumbled upon, called ‘What do you love?’ Navigating to, users will find a new type of Google Search, which shows results across Google product channels, from Google Maps to News to Patent and Product Search.

Google has not yet announced What do you love?, and it is evident the site is not fully finished yet, with no options of logging in for personalized results and recommendations, or signed-in channels. Sharing options are limited to Gmail and Picasa, with Google Talk chat streams and Google Contacts still missing.


The idea and design certainly seem interesting however, with some nice touches, like the navigation wheel on the left. What do you love? might just turn out to be the preferred search in some cases, with a full list of Google properties and services providing an interesting cross-section of web results. Of course, personalization with the plethora of options will be essential, and customizable search channels/widgets and results pages would be a definite plus.

Google has been finding ways to maintain its search market dominance, and recently introduced image and voice search (for desktop), as well as Instant pages. Let us wait and see what Google does with What do you love?

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Abhinav Lal

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