Google launches OnHub router. Here are some of its interesting features

By Ajit Singh | Published on 19 Aug 2015
  • Google has partnered with TP-Link to develop the OnHub and has priced it at $199.99. The "smart" router comes with a bunch of features that set it apart from the rest.

Google launches OnHub router. Here are some of its interesting features

Google has launched its smart WiFi router ‘OnHub’ in partnership with TP-Link for $199.99 (approx. Rs. 13,036). Although, the router is available in the US as of now with coming to Canada in next few weeks, but here is list of interesting features this smart WiFi router has to offer.

OnHub router is quite discreet as it doesn’t have any cords for you to worry about and also comes with internal antennas. This is done so that people will place the device in an open area instead of tucking it away in a corner and will also help it emit a stronger signal. OnHub also features subtle lighting instead of the blinking lights that are commonly seen on other WiFi routers.

Google On App:
OnHub router comes with a companion app Google On, available for Android and iOS. The app lets you do a lot of things without the need to move away from your desk or couch. You can use the app to check bandwidth usage by device, perform network check, etc. One interesting feature of the app is that if you ever run into any issues with the router, then app will show you the name of the issue along with solutions to fix it. You can also use these features when you are away from home.

Smart Connectivity:
OnHub scans the airwaves for the best available channel to provice the fastest connection possible and this happens during the setup of the router. It comes with a unique antenna design and software that constantly keeps running in the background to look for any kind of interruptions or congestions and tries to avoid them.

Prioritize Devices:
If you have multiple devices connected to OnHub and you want to download or stream something really important on you. Simply set your device’s priority to high using the app to get the fastest speed.

OnHub has a vertical heat sink and vents along its core. It allows hot air to rise and escape, keeping things quiet and cool.

Automatic Updates:
OnHub looks for security and other updates on regular intervals and installs them without interfering with your normal usage. It means you will always have the latest features on your router.

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