Google introduces 'No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA'

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 4 Dec 2014
Google introduces 'No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA'
  • Google swaps CAPTCHA with an 'I'm Not a Robot' Checkbox.

Google is killing off CAPTCHA verification and replacing it with a new system dubbed 'No-CAPTCHA' that pre-screens each user's behavior and filters out anyone who's easily identifiable as human.


While logging into accounts most users will just see a simple check mark asking 'Are you a Robot'. Users can will be able to simply click the box and pass the test. However Google will give a more elaborate test if it finds any suspicious activity. The internet giant says that the new API will result in less spam as well as less time spent on deciphering CAPTCHA by users.

Google's engineers stated that the pre-screening would look at factors like IP addresses as well as time spent on page, but did now give the exact information that will be used adding that the information could be used by spammers to manipulate algorithms in response.

Google says it is also experimenting with more mobile-friendly forms of CAPTCHA, where users will be give a test that will show them a picture of a cat and will ask them to select similar photos from a grid. The new approach has already been adopted by Snapchat, Humble Bundle and Wordpress among others. The internet giant says that approximately 60% of WordPress’ traffic and 80% of Humble Bundle’s traffic encountered the No CAPTCHA experience, leading to faster user login.


Google's CAPTCHA, was a test designed to weed out the automated scripts used for spam. However the internet giant recently showed a system that could crack it 99.8 percent of the time. Read: Yahoo, Google team up to create spy free email systems

Source: Google

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