Google Chrome coming next week! [rumor]

By Kshitij Sobti | Published on 13 Nov 2009
Google Chrome coming next week! [rumor]

A lot is resting on this new OS by Google, which has managed to become a legend before it has even released! It has just been a few months, and waves of fake screen-shots and even downloads of this operating system have appeared with alarming frequency.

Now all the anticipation might finally be coming to a rest, as TechCrunch reports that Google Chrome OS may be releasing within a week.

The fact that Google themselves may be releasing an operating system, and additionally one which is based on Linux, has some rather large implications. With the backing and support from Google for a Linux operating system, and with their influence, Linux could possibly become a popular desktop OS. Yet Chrome OS is primarily for netbooks.

If this wasn’t big enough, the operating system itself is no small deal. Google has decided to build an entire operating system around a web browser! A minimalistic OS, running a new window manager -- Chrome OS -- which obviously derives from their Chrome browser, is a relatively new OS paradigm where applications are run from the cloud, within the browser.

A build of Chrome released around a month back on October 14th actually showcased some UI elements in Chrome which appeared to fit well with the Chrome as an OS paradigm, and the preferences dialog for the browser seemed to have some options for configuring the OS.

Now in the coming week we may see the real deal, and it is sure to be a testing time for Google itself, which has both fans of Linux and Windows to win over.  

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