Now you can email GIFs with Giphy's new Chrome extension

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 12 May 2015
Now you can email GIFs with Giphy's new Chrome extension
  • Giphy’s new Chrome extension will help send GIFs from your Gmail’s compose window.

Giphy has launched a new chrome extension that will make it available directly from the Compose Window of your Gmail. Users will be able to see the rainbow Giphy icon along with the usual icons for formatting text. By clicking on the icon, users will be able to see the popular GIFs with a search bar at the top. Simply search, choose, and click to embed the GIF in your Gmail.


GIFs should be easy to share and it’s really exciting as more companies come to us wanting to make that a reality,” said Julie Logan, queen glitter bomb at Giphy. “In this case, we worked with the Inbox SDK to put Giphy right into your Gmail composer.”  Earlier this year, Giphy launched its own app called Giphy+ Messenger that integrates directly with the Facebook Messenger. The app debuted on the Facebook Messenger developer platform that was announced at F8. Users will be able to search through Giphy’s entire database, choose a particular GIF, and insert that GIF directly into Facebook Messenger with a single tap. All Giphy Gif’s in Facebook Messenger will come with a little Giphy logo on the bottom. Users can download the Giphy for Gmail extension from here.

Giphy which is a GIF search engine has raised more than $23.9 million in funding by transforming a searchable GIF database into its own platform. Users can easily utilize GIFs and messenger apps like Slack by tapping on an API to offer GIFs directly within their own apps. The company recently acquired Nutmeg a Gif messenger app, aimed towards the company’s effort to launch a mobile app. CEO and cofounder Alex Chung stated at the time that Giphy would be launching its own mobile apps soon. Giphy + Messenger is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

“We built out iOS and Android apps because they allow us to own and share our brand,” said COO Adam Leibsohn. “They’re also perfectly aligned with the platform ethos that Facebook and the Messenger team are building. And our apps make sure hundreds of millions of people get to know and love Giphy, all of our awesome GIF content and our GIF search.”


Source: Techcrunch

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