Fight the good fight by participating in the CODE19 online hackathon against the Coronavirus in India

By Digit NewsDesk | Published on 08 Apr 2020
  • The CODE19 hackathon is being organized by Motwani Jadeja Foundation (MJF) and its think tank, The Motwani Institute for Thought Leadership in Innovation (MITLI).

  • The outcome would be qualitative, open-source prototypes to help tackle various challenges facing India during or after the COVID19 crisis.

  • Mentors and guides would help participants sharpen their product ideas and convert them to successful real-world products that will aid the fight against the Coronavirus.

  • Prize money worth US$ 10,000 is on offer.

Fight the good fight by participating in the CODE19 online hackathon against the Coronavirus in India
Fight the good fight by participating in the CODE19 online hackathon against the Coronavirus in India

The battle against the Coronavirus is nothing short of war. The doctors on the frontline are battling the pandemic trying to save lives and find a cure for the disease. While the world observes social distancing to keep themselves safe, there is something you can do to help out! The Silicon-Valley-based Motwani Jadeja Foundation is bringing together the best minds in a 72-hour online hackathon called CODE19 to find solutions to India’s challenges against the Coronavirus outbreak. Digit is the media partner for the event. You can sign up for the hackathon here

The contest begins on April 10, 2020 (Good Friday). It is expected to see over 3,000 participants across nationalities, ethnicities, and gender. Maintaining social distancing and working online from homes, the participants will collaborate with mentors, subject-matter specialists, data sources and a network of collaborators in the quest for solutions against COVID-19. The online hackathon is open to everyone as individuals and teams, without any criteria or age limit. Those wishing to participate can sign up on till 6 pm IST on April 10.

Ms. Asha Jadeja Motwani, the entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who is the Founder of Motwani Jadeja Foundation said, “Coronavirus is a huge health challenge facing India. Any new crisis requires a new set of ideas and mitigation strategies. Hence, it is our collective responsibility to put our heads together to come up with new ideas and solutions to fight the virus. CODE19 is a platform to bring such bright minds together. By harnessing the power of collaborative computer programming, it aims to create qualitative, open-source projects that would help solve the most pressing problems of the Coronavirus crisis in the country.”

“The focus of CODE19 is on developing solutions quickly and applying them in everyday life. The participants would be tasked with decoding the Coronavirus outbreak and its impact on India, encoding smart solutions to mitigate the impending Corona-inflicted challenges and winning prizes worth US$10,000 to realize their solutions. The ideas and innovations they create would readily be available for scaling and implementation across the country”. She added.

Projects are divided into eight specific themes: Medical treatment and testing; Travel and Tourism; Mitigation - Isolation, protection/masks, and social distancing in India; Social life, welfare, and awareness; Research and development; Open innovation for COVID-19; Education and awareness; and Industry.

The participants would work on solutions through ideations, wireframes, designs, developments and testing the prototype they are creating. Mentors and guides will help them sharpen their product ideas and convert them to sure-shot successful products that will aid India’s fight against Coronavirus. Under the Open Innovation category, participants would be free to propose their own ideas, technologies and innovative solutions, bioinformatics, datasets, apps for diagnosis, and the likes, which can be leveraged for strengthening the fight against Coronavirus.

CODE19 will also have a few online sessions including talks with business leaders as well as Yoga and Meditation, to keep the participants inspired. Prize money worth US$ 10,000 is on offer for the winners. There will be public voting at the end of the event to assess the most exciting projects. The winners would be announced at 9 pm on April 14.

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