Facebook announces new Crisis Response Center, debuts emergency tools

By Shubham Sharma | Updated 17 Sept 2017
Facebook announces new Crisis Response Center, debuts emergency tools
  • The Crisis response hub encompasses four main emergency tools which enable users to stay safe and informed in case of a disaster or crisis. The new center also supports creating fundraisers for helping those affected by the crisis.

Facebook has announced its new Crisis Response Center in its blog post. Users can make use of the Crisis Response Center to find more information on any recent crisis and access various crisis response tools such as Safety Check, Community Help and Fundraisers to support crisis recovery. As part of the update, Facebook also introduced links to articles, videos and photos posted publicly by users, to help people be more informed about a crisis. Users will be able to find the Crisis Response Center through their phone app menu button or on the desktop homepage, said the Facebook post. 


The Crisis Response Center Hub introduces four primary tools, Safety Check: It lets a user’s family know they are safe, Community Help: here, people can ask for and give help to communities affected by the crisis, Fundraisers: This tool lets people create fundraisers and donate to support those affected by the crisis and nonprofit organizations helping with relief efforts and links to articles, photos and videos: this tool displays crisis-related content from public posts that can help people learn more about a crisis.

Facebook has recently announced that nearly 1.3 billion people around the world are now using Facebook Messenger every month. The company had announced in June that it has nearly two billion monthly active users and said that Facebook-owned Instagram has 700 million monthly users, 200 million of which are using its 'Stories' feature every day.

Facebook owned Whatsapp had recently announced its Whatsapp for Business feature as well. The service displays a green badge next to a business contact, which indicates that the business is verified by WhatsApp. The messaging service also said that it is building and testing new features for small companies via a free WhatsApp Business app, and is developing an enterprise solution for bigger businesses who operate on a global scale with a base of customers like airlines, e-commerce sites, and banks.

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