Amazon Pantry grocery delivery service now available in Bengaluru

By Shrey Pacheco | Updated 13 Oct 2016
Amazon Pantry grocery delivery service now available in Bengaluru
  • The service promises to deliver certain grocery items within a day of placing the order

Amazon has announced that its Pantry service has now expanded to Bengaluru after initially launching in Hyderabad. The service lets users purchase groceries and other household items from Amazon, and have them delivered to their homes within 24 hours. 


Purchasing items via Amazon Pantry is a bit different from making a standard purchase from Amazon. For starters, buyers are given a virtual box that they will have to fill up with items. However, users can only add those items that are marked with the ‘Amazon Pantry’ logo. Further, each item takes up a certain percentage of space in the box and each box can hold up to 15kg of of products, or three cubic feet of space. When adding items to the box, users will be notified the percentage of space each item will take. However, it should be noted that user’s do not need to fill their box up to 100 percent before they place their order. Further, user’s will have to pay a delivery fee of Rs. 20 as compared to a standard rate of Rs. 49 as part of Amazon's promotional offer. Amazon Prime users however, can get delivery for free.

Amazon Prime subscription service was launched in India a few months ago. The service offers free one-day and two-day delivery on a number of premium products sold by the e-commerce site. Further, new users get a free 60-day trial period, after which the service will be available at an introductory price of Rs. 499 for a year.

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