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Amazon Lowers Prices for S3

By Kshitij Sobti | Published on 08 Feb 2012
Amazon Lowers Prices for S3

Amazon has just decreased its storage prices for S3.

Amazon S3, or Amazon Simple Storage Service is a cloud storage service. Unlike Dropbox or other cloud backup / sync services Amazon S3 isn’t meant for consumers, but for use as a storage and distribution service. It provides an API for storing, retrieving, setting permissions for and deleting objects on their service, and is intended to be used at the back-end of sites. In fact Dropbox itself uses Amazon S3 in its back-end, but to users it provides a shiny functional service and client.

Rather than selling blocks of storage, Amazon charges for S3 based on actual consumption of resources. In the case of S3 the charges are levied based on how much storage is used, how much bandwidth is consumed and the number of requests made to their API on a monthly basis. The current price-drop is for storage consumption only, and not for bandwidth usage or API requests.

The price changes for different storage usage blocks is as follows:

Storage Old pricing ($ / GB / Month) New pricing ($ / GB / Month) Change
First 1TB 0.140 0.125 10.7%
Next 49TB 0.125 0.110 12.0%
Next 450TB 0.110 0.095 13.6%
Next 500TB 0.095 0.090 5.3%
Next 4000TB 0.080 0.080 0%
Over 5000TB 0.055 0.055 0%

You can find our more about Amazon S3 and other Amazon Web Serviceshere.

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