PTC AgileWorx announced at LiveWorx 2016

By Team Digit | Published on 09 Jun 2016
  • It is reportedly the first ever agile development solution for engineering product development

PTC AgileWorx announced at LiveWorx 2016

Announced today at LiveWorx 2016, PTC AgileWorx is reportedly the industry’s first ever agile solution designed especially for product development and engineering teams to speed up time-to-market and help innovate more.

The way companies create products and add value to their creations has changed over the years and today’s smart, connected IoT(Internet of Things) products have really floored the gas pedal. However, hardware is just half the battle and software plays its own part. Getting both halves functional in time is instrumental in a product development cycle without which a cascading delay comes into the picture. PTC’s AgileWorx is one such solution to help speed up the development process. A recent study by McKinsey & Company concluded that companies who successfully implement agile practices in the development cycle can speed up innovation by up to 80 percent yet many companies struggle to deploy agile practices.  

PTC AgileWorx offers a versatile set of tools designed to cater to the needs of product manufacturers so as to enable them to create complex, smart and connected products. The software reportedly helps teams to co-ordinate and visualize product development progress, prioritize work, identify and mitigate hindrances.

Roque Martin, Senior VP and General Manager, PTC’s Application Lifecycle Management segment had this to say, “Agility is the optimized response to change. How well manufacturers can adapt will determine their ability to win. We created PTC AgileWorx to give customers the competitive edge needed to accelerate their Agile engineering journey.”

Michael Azoff, Principle Analyst, Ovum had a similar take on the subject. He said, “Agile practices have revolutionized enterprise IT. The challenge for engineering industries is to bring their engineers to speed with this transformation. With its flexible support for teams that need to bridge different Agile sprints, Ovum is impressed with PTC’s vision for agile in engineering and AgileWorx is an excellent tool for multi-disciplined engineering teams.”

Here are the salient features of PTC AgileWorx:
Unify the cross-discipline team – allows for easier co-ordination between teams of different disciplines and links to CAD, ALM and PLM systems for making more informed decisions.

Safeguard quality and safety – helps teams to maintain existing quality and compliance frameworks and extend them according to their special needs.

Organize for product variants – helps organize product variants via component-based development and product line engineering to maximize reuse and reduce cost.

Connect to real world insight – supports the integration of IoT and other data streams into core product development feedback loops.

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