You can now ask Amazon Alexa for information about the Coronavirus

By Sameer Mitha | Published on 13 Apr 2020
  • Alexa can help you stay informed with up to date information about the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Alexa can be accessed through Amazon’s Echo family of speakers, Fire TV stick and even third-party devices that support it.

  • You can also ask Alexa questions like, “Alexa, what do I do if I think I have coronavirus?”

You can now ask Amazon Alexa for information about the Coronavirus
You can now ask Amazon Alexa for information about the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of fear and misinformation spreading. Apps and services are doing everything they can to ensure people receive the right kind of information. Google has given users the ability to search for food and night shelters across a number of cities on Google Maps. You can read more about the locations of the shelters here. WhatsApp has reduced the number of people you can share a forwarded message to curb misinformation spreading about Coronavirus. You can read more about it here. Amazon has announced that users can talk to Alexa and get information about the Coronavirus. 

Amazon says, “Using Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) guidance, our Alexa team built an India-specific experience that lets you use Alexa to check your symptoms for COVID-19 at home. Ask, "Alexa, what do I do if I think I have coronavirus?", "Alexa, how do I know if I have coronavirus?", or “Alexa, Kya mujhe coronavirus hai?”. Alexa will ask a series of questions and provide ICMR and Ministry of Health guidance given your risk level and symptoms.”

Users can also ask Alexa to sing a song for 20 seconds, so they can keep time while washing their hands. A nice way to keep yourself entertained while washing your hands and not worrying whether you were short by 5 or 10 seconds. 

Amazon goes on to say, “Alexa can now answer questions related to COVID-19, and we are working to provide accurate and timely information from news and official government sources such as Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) in India.” So if you are looking for the latest update on the number of active cases or even for local information, if it is available on an official credible source, you will also have access to that information. 

Going beyond Alexa, Amazon has made a number of books available for free through its Kindle app. So if you have Amazon’s e-reader or are simply logging onto the app on your smartphone or tablet, you have a wide variety of books to choose from to read for free.

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