Disney+Hotstar Mobile vs Super vs Premium plans: What's the difference

By Andrew Lu | Published 27 Jul 2021 17:34 IST
  • Disney+Hotstar will be launching three new plans from September 1st onward

  • The two older plans will be discontinued

  • The plans are the Mobile plan, the Super plan and the Premium plan

Disney+Hotstar Mobile vs Super vs Premium plans: What's the difference
Disney+Hotstar announced three new plans from September 1st

So, Disney+ Hotstar has a great selection of content and is available on a number of devices from your Smart TV, smartphone and even streaming dongles like the Fire TV Stick. Disney+ Hotstar is not only home to all of Disney’s content such as the new MCU shows like WandaVision (review), Falcon and the Winter Soldier (review) and most recently Loki (review) but also sports broadcasts in India like the IPL and even a lot of Hollywood movies and TV shows. Not to mention Hotstar originals. 

The platform used to have 2 different plans - Disney+ Hotstar VIP and Disney+ Hotstar Premium, but now, it seems that from September 1st onward, Disney+Hotstar will be offering three different plans for users. So, what exactly do these three plans offer? Well, we’re here to find out and give you guys a breakdown on which plan is ideal for you. 

Disney+Hotstar new plans from 1st September

The first up is the Mobile plan for INR 499/- per year. This is the cheapest plan on the platform and will allow you to stream content from a single device and is a mobile-only plan! So, do keep that in mind that you will only be able to consume content on your smartphone. You will not be able to use this plan to watch content on a TV or larger screen. The content streamed to your device will be in HD though. So there is that! 

If you’re someone who watches most of their content on a mobile phone, then this is the best plan for you. 

Up next, we’ve got the Super plan for INR 899/- per year. This plan will give you access to 2 devices across mobile, web and living room devices. This means that you will be able to watch content on two separate screens, such as a mobile phone or your TV. Again, all the content is in HD. 

This plan is perfect for a small family or even just a couple. The two screens will allow you and one other person to consume Disney+Hotstar content at the same time. 

And finally, we have the Premium plan for INR 1499/- per year. With this plan, you will get access to 4 devices across mobile, web and living room devices. You will be able to stream content to four different screens at the same time. This plan also gives users access to 4K content as well. 

This plan is perfect for large families with multiple screens at home.

For example, your kids could watch cartoons on an iPad, while you catch up on some HBO content on your living room TV while two other family members watch whatever they want on their screens. And although this plan does cost a bit, remember that it’s for the whole year. 

For the first time, subscribers will be able to access the full content catalogue across languages including the vast library of Disney content like Disney+ Originals, latest American shows and blockbuster Hollywood movies; irrespective of their preferred plan of choice. 

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