Nikon announces Sports Optics line in India

By Swapnil Mathur | Published on 03 Aug 2012
Nikon announces Sports Optics line in India

Nikon India has officially announced the availability of its Sports Optics lineup for the indian consumers, which essentially includes binoculars, field scopes and laser rangefinders.

The Sports Optics lineup employs the same lens making expertise that crafts Nikon’s high end lenses, that find use not just in their DSLR business, but also in industrial application such as microscope lenses and telescopes.

According to Mr. Hiroshi Takashima, the MD of Nikon India, “Nikon’s sports optic range has stood for exceptional performance for consumers across the world. We would like Indian customers to experience the superior technology of the Nikon Sport Optics range which comprises instruments of observation and photography that are ideal for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts.”

Nikon offers binoculars in all kinds of flavours, catering to the low-budget needs as well as to those who need impeccable optical quality without the worry of cost. All binoculars are built to withstand some amount of temperature and weather variances, but those with special designations (such as waterproof) can withstand more than the regular thrashing by the weather. Offering a range varying from 8x to 12x magnification, the Nikon binocular system offers something for everyone.

The Fieldscopes by Nikon are geared more towards the sports-watching/bird-watching community and can also be used as spotter scopes. Each of the fieldscopes can be attached with an assortment of interchangeable eye-pieces that offer varying degrees of magnification. Special brackets allow the fieldscopes to be attached to Nikon DSLR bodies, eliminating the need to carry around a heavy telephoto lens.

The entire optics range is going to be available across India during August 2012.

Price and Availability

  • Binocular- INR 3,750 – 149,950
  • Fieldscopes- INR 22,450 – 99,950
  • Laser Rangefinders- INR 19,950 – 33,450


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