FUJIFILM unveils 14 next-gen digital cameras - Rs. 4,999 up to Rs. 29,999

By Vinod Yalburgi | Published on 01 Apr 2010
FUJIFILM unveils 14 next-gen digital cameras - Rs. 4,999 up to Rs. 29,999

FUJIFILM India Pvt Ltd., the wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation Japan, the pioneer in 3D photographic technology solutions has officially announced the launch and availability of 14 next-gen digital cameras into the Indian market.

FUJIFILM has introduced its 'A series' compact value models(AV100, AV150, AX 200, AX250) targeted on budget conscious casual users featuring high-definition(HD) image and video capture. Easy-to-use, great picture production quality and sleek compact design forms the key features of this category and is ideal for users looking for a camera with a bang for the buck! In addition, it also offers various combinations of mega pixel resolutions, Fujinon zoom lenses and LCD screen sizes, blended with advanced technologies like Automatic Scene Recognition, Face Detection, Digital Image Stabilization, high ISO sensitivity levels, Picture search(based on scene mode), and Panaroma Shooting Mode which allows users to combine or integrate three photos together to create a panoramic image(perfect for wide landscapes, tall buildings or large groups of people).

FUJIFILM has also launched four sleek and stylish models under the 'J series' family(JV100, JV150, JX200, JX250) that come with sculpted and innovative looks. These cameras are equipped with state-of-the-art technological features like High-Definition photo and video capture, razor sharp picture clarity with Fujinon zoom lenses,Scene Recognition Auto, Panorama Shooting Mode, Movie Mode with Sound, Picture Search etc. The smile and shoot mode works with FUJIFILM's popular face-detection technology to detect smiles on faces and it ensures that the snap is not shot until it detects the smile on the face of the subject. Another innovative feature is the blink detection feature which warns users if they capture an image with subjects blinking, so that the snap can be re-shot if necessary. In addition, the JV and JX models showcase a new feature – targeting AF – which works perfect in shooting a moving subject and still keep the subject within the target frame by focusing the subject within the centre of the frame.

FUJIFILM has simultaneously launched a new long-zoom compact camera – the FinePix JZ300 that unifies style, solid body design and affordability. Encompassing a 10x optical zoom, 28mm wide-angle lens, advanced CCD-shift image stabilization system, HD photo and video capture, 2.7” LCD screen and a 12 mega pixel resolution, the JZ300 offers a 'best-in-class' configuration that aptly suits a broad consumer base. Other striking features of this model include targeting AF, Scene Recognition Auto, Picture Search and Portrait Enhancer( using FUJIFILM's Double Noise Reduction image processing and Face Detection Technology).

For avid photographic fanatics looking to upload images on Facebook or share videos on YouTube etc., FUJIFILM provides a new technology marvel in FinePix Z700 – a stylish social networking gadget. As an immediate successor to renowned FinePix Z series of cameras, this lovable and stylish camera has an impressive feature set: 12 mega pixel resolution, a Fujinon optical zoom, High-Definition image recording, and a new YouTube/Facebook easy web upload utility.

FUJIFILM has extended the HD capability to its high performance digital camera line-up(FUJIFILM FinePix S1800 and S2500H) for 2010. With 12 mega pixel resolution and new 15x / 18x zoom Fujinon lenses boosted by FUJIFILM's proprietary image processing are rated to deliver remarkably stunning high-quality images/videos all the way from wide angle through to telephoto. Other stunning features that catapult these cameras into the wallet-friendly or 'value for money' category include: Dual Image Stabilization, high ISO sensitivity, large and high resolution LCD screen with electronic viewfinder, Panorama Mode, Auto Picture Rotation, Scene Recognition Auto, Tracking AF, Face Detection with Smile and Shoot Mode as well as 'Blink Detection'. Advanced features added into this 'S series' category are: instant zoom, zoom bracketing, pre-programmed scene modes, micro thumbnail, natural light with flash mode, and photographic control.

An improvised upgrade over the multiple-award winning FUJIFILM FinePix F70EXR, is the all-new glittering F80EXR with a multitude of impressive features which includes: a 10x zoom compact with a new groundbreaking high resolution 12 mega pixel super CCD EXR sensor, 3” large high contrast LCD screen( viewable at 160 degrees vertically as well as horizontally), Face Recognition Technology ( a new auto-identification feature where in faces of up to 8 people with their names can be pre-programmed in the camera on one shot), HD video capture, super intelligent flash, film modes, DSLR-like effects with Pro-Focus Mode, Pro-Low-light Mode (with multiframe technology), tracking AF, EXR Priority Modes and EXR Auto Modes, Dual Image Stabilization, and the world's first dog/cat detection capability. FUJIFILM's innovative pet detection feature is said to allow the user to choose two new modes: “Cat” and “Dog” within the Scene Mode settings to capture a high-quality picture of the pet. This is expected to work similar to face detection process, but one can only take front on images and cannot get complete profile shots. Topping up the goodies with an optional waterproof case and under-water mode, the revolutionary F80EXR intends users to dive deep into uncharted world of photography. The new Auto Picture Rotation enables the user to take snapshots either in landscape or portrait view without having to manually rotate the camera to switch between the two( as the image is programmed to auto-rotate to fit the screen or suit the PC).

One of the more technologically advanced cameras launched by FUJIFILM amidst the new next-gen camera releases is the FinePix HS10, which is an extreme long zoom camera with high-speed aperture targeted on the needs of professional photographers. It promises to best fit the 'all-in-one' camera's category with an assortment of features which include: world's first 30x optical zoom with manual zoom enabled, advanced photographic features as in performance hungry SLR system and full HD movie capture. It combines 24-720mm(30x) zoom lens with advanced photographic controls and is rated to deliver advanced functionality and SLR-like handling in a single compact, affordable unit.

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A highlight of the 14 next-gen FUJIFILM digital camera specifications - unveiled at grand summer 2010 carnival

A highlight of the 14 next-gen FUJIFILM digital camera specifications - unveiled at grand summer 2010 carnival


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